Letters from learners

“Thank you, ABC, for helping me with my English. I love school when you are here.”

“I have loved learning about you. I enjoyed working with you. Teacher Hayley, you have helped me so much.”

“I enjoyed playing games. Teacher Hayley helped me with my spelling.”

Grade 4 Teachers at Constantia Primary

Hayley King has been actively involved with our grade 4’s since the beginning of 2021. Our learners have really benefited from her approachable and enthusiastic attitude towards various lessons. This term Hayley focused on paragraph writing and we could see the difference in their English writing skill, with a very positive impact on the learners assessments. Hayley put a lot of emphasis on phonics/spelling which is really needed to aid our learners with their spelling. ABC is doing an excellent job and Hayley really assists us and is very helpful – our learners really  look forward to her lessons.

Grade 3 Teachers at Constantia and Hout Bay Primary

Our learners enjoy every lesson. Hayley’s clear interactive worksheets and games are great. We really enjoy having you take the lessons! There is a great improvement. Learners can sound words correctly; their confidence and spelling has improved a lot. There is a vast difference in reading. The learners can now sound out the words and read. They really enjoy the stories you read to them.

Mrs Meyer, Sentinel grade 1 teacher

ABC performs a vital function in sensitively mentoring our children that are struggling and giving them the skills and the self to confidence to improve their school work. There is no doubt that without ABC, we would not be able to manage the specific needs of this important group of children at our school.

Anga Mashinga

I’m 23 years old and I work at Pick and Pay assisting customers with trolleys. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now. I get well treated, it’s better than staying at home doing nothing. I live at home with my mum and my two brothers who are still at school and I help to support all of them with my job.I was born in the Eastern Cape and then I went to school at Sentinel Primary when I was seven years old. I struggled at school with English and Afrikaans because at that time I only knew Xhosa. At school we used to go to ABC for extra classes and Gailyn taught me English. It was those times that we wanted to not show up at classes because we didn’t understand, but ABC really helped me a lot. ABC is very good It can help a lot of children like me. In the future my dream is to be a plumber or a driver.

Keenan Strauss

I am 20 years old and I’m a drummer in Harvest Jazz Band. ABC helped me so much with with my education and also with my mindset, my goals and my future. I was struggling because I could only speak Afrikaans and couldn’t speak english very well but Miss Gailyn helped me and I went on to the High School. Now I work with the kids in the Harbour helping kids with music and giving them my talent. My dream is to join the Navy.

Shakeelah De Grill

I am 19 years old. When I was younger I had a lot of anger and ABC for Life helped me in so many ways: not only how to read, but how to be around people. Miss Gailyn took me in and really helped me get through my tough times. After I went to the High School I was mainly sitting around at home working now and then at the Market. But recently I got the opportunity to join this programme that teaches you how to apply for college. I want to be a chef because I love making food and baking. If it had not been for ABC, I would not be applying for college right now!

ABC for Life a poem by Likheyale Msomi

ABC for Life
Indeed is for life
It helped my life
Today I can speak English.
Today I am a writer.
Today I can read English
Because of ABC for Life
Indeed is for life
Now I can understand things
Such as Maths
Such as English
These are my life and future
Today I am inspired
To write in English
Thank you ABC for Life for everything you have done
I salute Mrs Val, Mrs Gailyn and Mrs. Nicky
And all other staff members
Of ABC for Life