“I like the fact we went to two different schools, so I was able to see the difference in behaviour. I loved the fact that you let me work on my own with the small groups and trusted me. You were so kind, I loved going to school with you. Thanks for the amazing time! Thanks for sharing your material and knowledge with me. And thanks for the other hints of where to go and what to do in my free time. If possible, keep working in small groups, I know it all depends on Covid and staggered teaching, but you can see you make a real difference teaching less children.” 

Leonie Volunteer Germany


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Or choose another amount of your choice. If you feel inspired to help our students, give as you are able, no amount is too small.

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Today is your chance to create positive change for OUR future. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.


How you can help

  • Join our kids to cultivate their ‘Love of reading’ every Monday and Thursday from 8.30 am to 12.00noon  in Hangberg, Hout Bay
  • Play educational games with the students.
  • Help full-time teachers ease the heavy load of overcrowded classrooms.
  • Give children one on one language and literacy tutoring.
  • Help develop a fun after-school activity for the students.

Volunteer Guidelines

To ensure consistency, volunteers should be willing to dedicate a minimum of three months of volunteer activities to ABC for Life. These are on-site at Sentinel Primary and directly impact the children in the most positive way. We aim to promote continuity in the lives of our students, and having a person they can rely on for a significant amount of time is one way we can do this. Please bear in mind that we do work on a public school campus in an impoverished area. Volunteers need to be flexible and open-minded in this tough environment.

For more information please contact ABC for life


The Covid19 pandemic has affected our children’s education in a massive way and its effect will be endured in the years to come. Learners have lost more than three months of school time.
For more than 12 years, ABC for Life has provided literacy and numeracy support to more than 500 learners per year in our most vulnerable communities in Hout Bay.
ABC for Life believes that every child deserves a good education and a strong foundation. Literacy and numeracy support goes a long way in creating a better future for our children.
We would learners to catch up and close learning gaps created by the Covid19 lockdown. We will do this by distributing literacy and numeracy materials to as many children as possible.
We are also running a book campaign. Reading is very essential and most of our learners do not have reading books at home.
Through your support, we can distribute reading books to our learners and send extra school homework to keep them busy on the days they are not at school. This will help them catch up on their schoolwork quickly.
No amount is too small!
Every donation is tax-deductible and we are also BEE complaint.

Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for contributing to the Hout Bay community development:

Trust/Foundation Sponsors

  1. Roger Perry
  2. Simon van Nimwegen
  3. Alexandra Giddings Family
  4. Ashleigh Meintjes
  5. Julie Turner
  6. Chapmans Peak Hotel
  7. Steve Clegg

Trust/Foundation Sponsors

  1. D G Murray Trust
  2. R S Nussbaum Foundation
  3. Chic Mamas Hout Bay
  4. Prospero World
  5. Nedbank Foundation