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Every good action creates another ….. This was the belief that ABC for Life was founded on when one concerned individual took an interest in the education of one teenage boy. Today, ABC for Life reaches more than 300 students at Sentinel School in Hangberg, Hout Bay and is part of the umbrella group the Hout Bay Education Trust.

ABC for Life uplifts the Sentinel School community with supplementary English and Maths classes, parent and student counseling, and after school programmes. We are a registered NPO (073-897) and PBO (930-029-913) under the umbrella of the Hout Bay Education Trust. Every good action creates another…..

To provide a small-group environment for Sentinel Primary School learners who have fallen behind academically in the key skill areas of English, Afrikaans and Maths, so as to enable them to meet the required academic standards, build self-confidence and motivate them to stay in school and participate in after-school programmes.

To equip the majority of school-leavers with the tools they need to be productive members of society.

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Hout Bay’s Sweet News Anchor

Nine-year-old Caith leans in to look at the ABC for Life website on my laptop screen.  She spots the photo of herself with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and laughs. “The day I met Archbishop Tutu, he called me ‘Sweetie.’  I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say so I called him ‘Sweetie’ back!” […]
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Partnering with Parents and Caregivers at ABC for Life

ABC for Life is passionate about helping young people that have fallen behind in their grade learn to read and write – supporting them wherever possible to build resilience and live their best life while ‘catching up’ to their grade level. And we know that this learning process will progress much faster if we can […]

ABC for Life partners with HSBC Girls’ Education through Football Programme

We’ve had some fantastic news from the City of Cape Town, which has been working with CfH since 2010 to promote the participation of women and girls in football. The City has just confirmed increased support for the programme, which will take the form of a partnership with CfH to deliver 30 full-time coaching positions […]
ABC for Life Grade 2 Learners

ABC Makes an “Immense Difference” at Sentinel School

Mrs. Englebrecht, the Principal at Sentinel Primary School, wrote a letter to ABC for Life in January detailing the 2012 systemic evaluation and how ABC for Life has been “instrumental” in the “significant academic gains” at the school in 2012. The systemic evaluation reveals a “Significant improvement” of 15.4% in end of year exam scores […]

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